Sararut "Sara" Pilakun

Multi-generational Thai folk healing practitioner.

A Personal Approach to Learning

Sararut "Sara" Pilakun is a native Thai, from Chiang Mai, Thailand who grew up in a family of traditional healers. She started learning at the age of 9 with her mom - who was a well-known healer in their small village. Sara did not know at that time, her childhood passion for helping others heal would lead to a lifetime of formal education, therapeutic work with clients, and providing instruction to the next generation of healers

Sara has trained at the top schools and with well-known teachers in Thailand accumulating 3000+ hours of formal education. She has studied completely from the Basic level to Instructor level within three different schools. She is an instructor able to grant certificates from the Union of Traditional Medicine Society of Thailand and has been considered by many to be a "Doctor of Massage".

Sara has trained countless students providing classes in both Thai and English. She has held positions with well known spas in Thailand as a therapist, instructor, and spa manager. Since 2007, she taught in the USA at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts and private classes.

Sara now provides instruction from her home in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her public and private courses provide students a personalized experience to learn Thai massage, Thai folk healing, and related techniques. She ensures her students experience and gain deep exposure to Thailand's rich culture through food, markets, local venues, and studying within her home village. You may also study online through personalised and customized video chat sessions where Sara will guide you much like an apprentice would receive knowledge from their teacher.

Studying with Sara gives you:
  • Personlized instruction
  • Exposure to Thai culture from within Thailand
  • In-depth training based on multi-generational knowledge
  • Experienced native Thai teacher with extensive background as a therapist
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